What does a basic/standard cloud-hosted desktop package include?

The standard Desktops-as-a-Service package includes:

  • Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • VMware Horizon Client for iPad, iPhone and Android devices
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • 24/7 Data center monitoring
  • Remote Access Modules (IT can grant secure access to the system from outside their network)
  • Desktop Portal and Enterprise Center training
  • Virtual Desktop Portal - policy based, self-service web portal for end users consisting of:
    • Windows Active Directory integration
    • Support for multiple display protocols (RDP, PCoIP, VNC, NX)
    • Localized user interface: covering languages in addition to English
    • Ability to map users to non-managed desktops (that is, desktops not managed via the portal system), such as blade PCs, terminal servers, and physical systems
  • Desktop Management solution - The Enterprise Center is a web-based interface for such IT administration activities as provisioning, deprovisioning and policy administration. Among the benefits of Enterprise Center are:
    • Desktop Image Management Interface for creating new gold image patterns for pool creation.
    • Desktops and pools: Management of static and dynamic pools of Windows 7, and Windows 8 virtual desktops. Physical desktops can also be assigned to remote users allowing users on the road to access their physical desktop securely.
    • Sessions: Interactive mapping of Windows domain users and groups to desktops and pools. Enhanced user session management, including the ability to monitor session times and active, connected, or disconnected users, power operations and troubleshooting information.
    • Role based management: Administrative roles and permissions based on Active Directory groups. Engineers create the images, Service-desk can assign the desktop pools, users and sessions.

Note: Virtual desktop pricing quoted for a specific package is guaranteed never to increase year over year. Therefore, contract renewal pricing will not increase unless packages are amended or new packages are added.


Optional services or features that can be included for additional costs:

  • Microsoft Office Standard or Professional (with upgrade protection)
  • Enhanced graphics capability eg. PCoIP
  • Virtual Server package
    • Windows Server Standard
    • 2 - 8 GB RAM
    • 100 GB Storage/Hard drive
    • 500 GB remote network traffic per month 


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