Log off or Disconnect - Best Practice

During an RDP connection, if you click on the Start menu and choose "Shutdown..."  you will see two options: log off and disconnect. The following scenarios outline reasons why you might use one or the other:


When you click disconnect, any applications/programs that you were using continue to run on the virtual desktop (vDesktop), and will be redisplayed the next time you connect to your vDesktop. Use this option:

  • when you have not finished using your vDesktop but would like to change physical devices eg. go from using a non-mobile physical desktop PC to using an iPad or Android tablet.
  • when you are running a lengthy report etc. at work that you would like to complete from home. 
  • when you generally have not finished using your desktop for the day .


Log off

When you click log off, all running applications are closed and any roaming user profile changes are saved. Use this option:

  • when you have finished using your vDesktop for the day.
  • when roaming user profiles are used in your environment. The log off action saves your profile information onto the designated server.
  • when you want to ensure that all running processes are terminated cleanly and that your vDesktop continues to run optimally.

Note: Your virtual desktop is running in a centralized environment shared with your other colleagues, so if you are finished running applications, you should log off rather than disconnect so that you don't hang on to resources that others could be using.


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