Access Virtual Desktops from iPad, iPod, iPhone

Instructions for installing the VMware Horizon Client (PCoIP) are found below.

Note: These mobile apps can also be used on the iPod and iPhone


 Install the VMware Horizon Client as follows:

1. Access the App Store, enter "VMware Horizon" and touch Search.

2. Install the VMware Horizon client onto your iPad.

3. Tap to open Horizon Client, then press the "+" sign (upper left corner) and enter the "Desktop Portal" web address/URL provided by your system administrator. eg.

4.  Tap the "Connect" button, enter your username and password and tap "done".

5.  In the list of desktops that appears, tap on a desktop to connect to it.

6.  Once connected to the virtual desktop, tap with 3 fingers to access the “iPad Keyboard” or  tap the transparent spindle icon to access other windows options and help. After you log in to a virtual desktop for the first time, a shortcut for the desktop is saved to the Horizon Client Home screen. The next time you want to connect to the desktop, you can simply tap the shortcut.




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