DaaS PoC User Guide


Although there are many benefits to using a virtual desktop (vDesktop), the most common is that you can access your own personal, independent, full windows desktop from just about any device, anywhere, at anytime. The Proof-of-Concept (PoC) environment has been created to allow you to enjoy this experience. 

Since this is a limited time offering designed to let you experience a basic DaaS environment; Cirrus Dynamics (Cirrus) does not provide support for the following, during the PoC: 

  • Application Issues – while you are free to install software on your vDesktop, Cirrus only provides support for applications included with the PoC desktop.
  • Thin Clients – DaaS is inherently designed to support access using PCoIP capable thin clients so feel free to try them. 

Also, please keep the following in mind with respect to the PoC

  • DaaS is network dependent – the faster your Internet connection, the better your experience will be. Although DaaS can be used over WiFi and 3G, you will likely find the experience over a wired connection to be the best.
  • Multimedia – The free VMware Horizon Client (PCoIP) can be used to connect to your vDesktop. Download and install the Horizon Client from onto your physical access device. See "Documentation" section below, for Windows and Mac instructions.  
  • Portal Timeout -  The Desktop Portal will automatically return to the login screen after long periods of inactivity.
  • Password best practices – Please do not share your password as this can provide others with access to your vDesktop and potentially any running applications (i.e. webmail, password protected websites, etc.) that you have been working with.
  • iPad and Android access - If you have an iPad or Android device, you can install the free VMware Horizon Client from the App store or Google Play and access your vDesktop.  Click here for iPad or  Android instructions.
  • 14-Day PoC – the PoC service system is completely reset at the end of the specified PoC period at 11:59PM ADT. Any content left on your vDesktop(s) will not be retrievable after the PoC is complete. Please do not leave any important data on the PoC desktop.


Usage Scenarios

To experience an instant-on, stateless and personalized desktop:

  1. Log in to the vDesktop from a PC, using credentials provided by the PoC administrator.
  2. Set a specific state.  For example, launch a browser with multiple tabs and point them to some specific web pages or create a document and stop typing in the middle of a sentence.  Another good exercise is setting the positioning of various windows in specific locations on the Desktop.
  3. Once you are done customizing your vDesktop, select “Disconnect” from the “Start” menu, to disconnect your session.
  4. Go to a different PC, laptop or tablet, open the Horizon Client, enter the URL to login to the Portal and connect to your vDesktop. You should experience a rapid login and find that your web pages, programs and document are just as you left them.



 The following documentation should be read in the order listed below:                                    


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