Desktop Portal Overview


Desktop Portal

The Desktop Portal provides access to virtual desktops. A Cirrus Dynamics (Cirrus) representative, or your Administrator will provide you with login credentials and the web address/URL to access the Desktop Portal.

The web address/URL will present you with the following login screen:


To log in, enter your username, password, and domain, then click Login.

If you have been assigned a default desktop and would like to by-pass the Portal screen (see below),  check the box above the Login button labeled "Automatically connect to default desktop". Note: If you subsequently need access to the "Power state" options uncheck this box.

Click the dropdown box at the lower right to view the portal in different languages. Your language selection should persist for subsequent portal sessions on the current computer.

Note: Your desktop portal language selection overrides any language selection made for the web browser, but it applies to the desktop portal only.

Portal Screen


Your portal list can include both individual static desktops, pools of virtual desktops and or Applications, as seen above. 

Click the “Desktop” link to connect or re-connect to one of your virtual desktops or to connect to a pool/group of virtual desktops that you are mapped/assigned to. 

Click the down arrow to the right of the "On" in the "Power state" column, to perform actions such as "Shutdown", "Reboot" etc.  Access the online "help" link for details.



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